Some soft food waste can do down the garburator in your kitchen sink. There is a switch on the wall in your kitchen to turn the disposal on. Please run water from the tap while the garbage disposal is on. Kindly refrain from putting bones, coffee grounds, eggshells, grease, rice and noodles, and fibrous or starchy vegetables in the garbage disposal. Please do not put any ridged items or non food items down the garburator.


For disposing all other garbage and recycling at The Residences on Georgia, take the elevator down to P1. You will see a sign directing you to a room where you can put your garbage in the compactor and separate your recycling in the bins provided. 

Please note: Your key fob will grant you access to the garbage room. Please do not leave any garbage on the floor or else it may result in fines from the building. Cardboard boxes must be thrown away separately in the parkade area. Please contact our Guest Services office if you have any trouble locating the cardboard disposal area. 

At The Palisades, there is a garbage drop labelled “Refuse” on each floor. Please put your garbage in small bags and put them in the refuse drop. Do not leave your garbage on the floor by the drop. Please take your recyclables to recycling on Ground Level and dispose of any other garbage in the dumpsters.